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Online Casino Games


Online casinos always have a variety of games available to their players – its what keeps players interested. What’s more, there is variety within game types such as different rule sets. The advantage of this is that this gives UK players an abundance of games to choose from however this large choice can be problematic. Players sometimes feel a little overwhelmed about what kind of games they should be playing. Here are some of the common questions that are often asked by wannabe online casino players:

  • What type of games give me the best returns on my money?
  • Online casino table games look difficult to learn, which one is the easiest for a beginner?
  • Which games utilise more skill over luck?
  • Which games give the biggest payouts?
  • What games are the most fun?!

We are here to help answer them! (check out our Q&A section at the bottom of the page). However, only you can decide which ones are the most fun for you! That’s why we recommend to try out lots of different games so you know which ones you want to play.

Table of Contents

Classic Online Casino Games

There are many game types at online casinos, however, there is only a handful of classic, “old-school” style of casino games. Many British online casino players love playing these games as it is what they know the best. Below we have listed some of these beloved casino games.

  • Online Roulette. Roulette has been around for as long as casinos have! This is the same for online casinos in the UK too. Online roulette is a game of pure luck but excitement. However, there are methods to spread bets to allow your games to last longer and make the most out of your money. As mentioned previously, table games have rule variations between casinos – roulette is no different. There are three main types of roulette game types: European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. Live roulette dealers (as well as online roulette simulations) can also be found readily in online casinos so you don’t miss out on that authentic casino experience. Online roulette is and always will be a fan favourite!
  • Online Poker. This one goes without saying. The competitive online poker scene in the UK is HUGE. Because of this, there is a large variety of online casinos that provide online poker on their platforms. Much like roulette, these British online casinos also provide live dealers to give an enhanced experience within the comfort of your own home. Poker has many different rulesets depending on the type of game played. It also an online casino game that requires the most skill to play. Online Video Poker is also an option for players who just want a quick game vs an AI!
  • Online Craps. Craps is iconic and possibly one of the most thrilling games that can be played at online casinos in the UK. Simply put, craps has players bet on the outcome of a dice roll and receive winnings depending on the likelihood of that roll. Similarly to roulette, this is a game of sheer luck but payouts can be massive.
  • Online Blackjack. Once again, another online casino classic. Online blackjack is one of the more simplistic card games that can be found at casinos. Blackjack rules can vary greatly between online casinos from game rulesets to the house edge. This is why it is important to understand which type of blackjack you are playing and the return to player (RTP). Some of the most popular online blackjack game types are European blackjack, Vegas Switch blackjack, American blackjack, blackjack switch and many more…
  • Online Baccarat. The favourite card game of famous British secret agent James Bond. This iconic game popular among high rollers owing to a usual low house edge compared to other table games. Baccarat allows players to bet on the outcome of the card game either on the player, banker or a tie. This makes online baccarat a particularly unique game when being compared to other card games such as blackjack and poker.

Which casino game is best for me?

We have built a neat little table which shows the top five classic online casino table games. It will show a few statistics about each game so you can get a better idea of which one will suit you best.

Game Learning curve? Luck? Potential Payout Rulesets RTP
Pure Luck
European, American, French
Optimum betting possible
Some variance
Very High

Online Casino Games Q&A​

We receive an abundance of questions about casino game types. Have a read of our Q&A on the right!

All casino games have the potential to be fun! Its totally up to the preference of the players at the casino, we can’t asnwer that question for you. We have found that roulette, slots and blackjack are particularly popular in the United Kingdom!